This profile will help you get to know who we are, our method of practice, and how we assist you in your legal issues. It will also help you to be informed about our different areas of work, the valuable services which we offer, and the nature of our relationship with clients.

Our law firm provides a wide range of legal services for business institutions and individuals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and kingdom of Jordan and other countries. We provide the best legal, cost-effective services in order to help our clients achieve their aims.

An independent attorney is assigned to each one of our clients and he assumes the responsibility of following up that client. He is fully aware of that client’s legal needs and business plans in order  to ensure the full use and extent of our firm’s resources. This is so, in order to provide the service to the client efficiently and capably.

We endeavor to implement each assignment as efficiently and cost effectively as possible, maintaining professionalism and responsibility. We also pay special attention to the relationship between the attorney and the client. This is what makes trust key to our practice. Moreover, we give special attention and top priority to this policy which provide our clients with feeling of trust and ease of communication with any of our firm’s attorney.

In addition, we have affiliation and association with well known and established law firms in GCC countries and Middle East, which provide legal services and assistance to our clients on their request in any branch of law. Occasionally, client’s business projects, their legal needs, and personal problems require co-ordinate efforts between attorneys, accountants, auditors, financial, scientific and technical advisors, or bankers.  In our role, we keep our clients distance from any losses,

damages, or to insure that our client’s rights and interests are preserved and safe.

Among our numerous legal practice which we offer, as stated later, the most important of these which we perform, relate to foreign investors  and Saudi businesses men entities and Saudi businesses establishment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, GCC Countries as will as all other MIDLLE EAST Countries .